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We recently published a poll on our LinkedIn page asking our readers how meaningful they think that the Clop ransomware attack could be for the insurance industry.

The results from the poll have shown that 36% of participants believe that it could be impactful towards the cyber insurance industry.

However, 14% of participants believe that the ransomware attack could potentially lead to a major loss for the industry.

Interestingly, some of our readers believe that the attack will have little to no impact, with 9% of participants voting for that option.

But, nearly half our participants (41%) believe that the attack could lead to a slight impact, with some potential losses.

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The attack happened last week when hackers exploited a vulnerability in MOVEit Transfer software to access a range of information which is now casting a cloud over a growing number of UK firms and their staff.

The cybercriminal gang Clop recently posted a threat on its website on the Dark Web telling victims that have been affected by the recent cyber-attack to email them by June 14 to negotiate or face having their private data leaked onto the internet.

The statement was thought to have been aimed at major companies that have been affected by the attack, which includes British Airways, Boots, the BBC, among other UK-based companies.


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