Today every major University, community college and trade school offer some type of cyber crime training as a degree or certificate.   What is not taught is what do you do with your newfound degree or certification?

Most people think of computer security or cyber security experts as computer geeks working in a basement of some government agency or corporation protecting their networks from being hacked. That could be further from the truth. There are numerous aspects of computer security and cyber security. The first steps in making money as a cyber security consultant is to able to have knowledge in almost every area of computer security, cyber security, website security, cyber blackmail, cyber extortions, website security, cellphone security, social media security, corporate and personal security.



What You Will Learn:

Hacking – Phones, Tablets & Computers

  • IT Manager, Computer Security Expert or Hacker
  • Does Your IT Department/Team Suck?
  • Hiring a Hacker to Hack Your Company
  • Why Cyber Crime Pays!
  • Only The Rich Can Attain Cyber Crime Justice
  • Read More….