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Production lines, networks, call centers: every aspect of your organization is being revolutionized in different ways by technology such as AI, automation, edge computing and the many flavors of cloud.

Additionally, many employees now work from home part- or full-time, using a range of corporate-issued or personal devices outside the traditional network perimeter.

All these developments have widened the attack surface of your IT infrastructure, creating a potential nightmare amid a globally rising wave of cybercrime. Nearly 95% of organizations say hybrid work has led them to invest more in data protection and security, according to NTT’s 2022–23 Global Network Report.

Increasingly, organizations are turning to secure access service edge (SASE) as their armor of choice against cyberattacks.

In short, SASE brings together software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) and network security services such as cloud access security broker, firewall as a service, and zero trust network access.

But a SASE transformation is not always as straightforward as it seems. The solution? Managed SASE, which allows an expert partner to help improve your operational efficiency and optimize your network performance by consolidating all these essential security capabilities into a unified, easy-to-manage platform architecture. So, there is no need to make additional investments in your in-house IT team.

Choosing a SASE partner

A SASE implementation doesn’t happen at the touch of a button. Like any major technology transformation project, it requires expertise in planning, design, implementation and project management.

So, when you choose a managed service provider, make sure they offer extensive network, security and implementation expertise. The result is a streamlined deployment and faster time to value.

At NTT, we start with a thorough assessment of the network, then develop a detailed pathway to implementing SASE in your organization. This lays a solid foundation for the design and build phases of your new security solution.

We also work closely with your IT team to make migration and integration with your applications and services as smooth as possible.

The job doesn’t end after a SASE rollout, however. Cyberattackers never give up trying to find new ways of stealing your data, so your security solution can’t remain static. You need comprehensive monitoring, analytics and reporting, often delivered through artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) to gain insights into network and security performance. Once again, a skilled service provider will keep you a step ahead of the cybercriminals by continually monitoring analytics and reporting to maintain and even boost your security posture.

How NTT and Palo Alto Networks keep you secure

NTT’s Managed Networks with Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma SASE is a powerful combination of NTT and Palo Alto Networks’ networking and security capabilities, backed up by a deep layer of technical and management expertise for deployment, integration and ongoing management.

Adopting Prisma SASE reduces cost and risk while speeding up your digital transformation. You can use AI and machine learning across security, networking and user experience management, all in the same data lake. In addition, Prisma SASE’s multidomain analytics and advanced data correlation – across endpoints, applications, networks and security policies – make it quick and easy to identify network anomalies.

NTT has extensive global experience as an integrated services provider and leader in managed networking. The capabilities of our managed network service platform, including advanced automation and analytics, enable you to gain both improved network performance and superb protection through Prisma SASE.

With NTT and Palo Alto Networks, you can protect your applications and data better than ever before.

Download our white paper, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): Choosing the Right Partner for a Managed SASE Solution, to read more about the benefits and technical details of SASE.


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