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In a continuing saga of cyber tensions, the Maldivian Juvenile Court website appears to be the latest target, following recent cyberattacks on the official websites of the Maldivian President’s Office, Foreign Ministry, and Tourism Ministry.

The hacked website of the Maldivian Juvenile Court, which deals with criminal cases of minors, displayed a message reflecting the hackers’ dissatisfaction and the reasons for the cyberattack.

The motive behind the cyberattack on the Juvenile Court website was revealed in the message, citing recent inflammatory statements by certain members of the Maldivian government against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was promoting Lakshadweep island. Lakshadweep is a group of beautiful islands in the Arabian Sea, off the southwestern coast of India.

The website of the Maldivian Juvenile Court, which is now offline, previously displayed a message from a hacker group. This statement revealed their Indian origins and served as a warning regarding the cybersecurity breach they orchestrated.

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Maldivian Juvenile Court website

Maldivian Juvenile Court Website: Diplomatic Tensions Unfold

The diplomatic tension between the two nations originated from derogatory comments made on social media platform X by three Deputy Ministers of the Youth Ministry in response to Prime Minister Modi’s video promoting tourism in the region during his Lakshadweep visit.

The trio, Mariyam Shiuna, Malsha, and Hassan Zihan, faced suspension following public backlash, and the Maldives High Commissioner to India, Ibrahim Shaheeb, was summoned to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

The cyber warfare took a digital turn as websites, including the President’s Office and other government agencies in the Maldives, became victims of cyberattacks. In response, the Maldivian President’s Office attributed the downtime to “technical issues” in a social media statement.

The National Centre for Information Technology (NCIT) and relevant entities worked diligently to restore functionality, successfully bringing the websites back online.

Maldivian Juvenile Court
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What Lies Ahead: The Maldives-India Cyber War

The recent cyber skirmishes, fueled by diplomatic tensions, raise concerns about the trajectory of the Maldives-India cyber war.

As citizens of both nations engage on social media and government websites face repeated cyberattacks, the digital conflict highlights broader implications of diplomatic disputes in the cyber domain.

The restoration of government websites signals a swift response by Maldivian authorities, but the question remains whether this marks the end of the cyber hostilities or if it portends a protracted digital conflict between the two nations.

The evolving situation calls for heightened cybersecurity measures and diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions in both the physical and virtual realms.

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