Malware creators join forces for financial cyberattacks

Cybercriminals keep finding new ways to steal your money. One of the most dangerous online threats these days comes in the form of banking Trojans.

Banking Trojans are a form of malware designed to steal your online banking credentials. Once your information is stolen, the cybercriminal can funnel your money directly into their accounts. There is a new scam that I’m going to tell you about that is putting you at serious risk.

Security experts at Kaspersky Lab say the company’s products successfully blocked 1,132,031 financial malware attacks in the second quarter of 2016. That was a rise in attacks of 15.6 percent from the first quarter.

The spike is being attributed to the hackers behind the Gozi and Nymaim banking Trojans teaming up. The Nymaim Trojan was originally a ransomware attack but now includes banking Trojan functionality. Source code from the Gozi Trojan provides scammers with remote access to the victim’s computer.

As a result of the Trojans joining forces, they have both been moved into the list of top 10 financial malware programs. Nymaim is sixth on the list, while Gozi is second, trailing only the Zbot Trojan.

Hackers attacks are always evolving in their search for new victims. Combining malware with ransomware gives the scammer a double-edged attack. If they are not successful in stealing the victim’s personal data, they will encrypt it so they can demand ransom.

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