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Man astounded by hard-boiled egg hack he ‘didn’t learn until his 30s’ | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Sidney Raz is an Instagram creator who shares videos about tips and hacks he didn’t learn until he was in his 30s on his page @SidneyRaz. He was left astounded after discovering a simple way of slicing a hard-boiled egg.

In a video, the creator shows how he happened upon a hack to cut a hard-boiled egg in one smooth motion without slicing through the yolk. “Are you serious?” he questioned while reacting to the hack.

The hack involves gently placing a knife on the top of a hard-boiled egg and placing a slight amount of pressure on the egg white.

Next, using the knife blade, roll the egg in one direction. This will cut the egg perfectly in half while leaving the yolk intact.

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Another commenter added: “Y’all really have to get out of the house more.” [SIC] Despite this, there were plenty of people in the comments section who celebrated the hack, and explained the purpose of rolling instead of slicing straight through the boiled egg.

“I think the yolk comes out easier if it’s whole versus in half,” explained a commenter named Kimberly. “Because if it’s in half, you have to work to get it out of the egg.”

Another user added: “It can be harder to get the yolks out while keeping the white intact if you cut it directly in half. I’ve done many devilled eggs, it sucks to tear the whites.”

If you’re looking for an easy way to peel eggs in one smooth action, another TikTok user was left impressed by a viral hack he discovered. “You have to try this trick for peeling hard-boiled eggs, no picking or peeling necessary, keep watching,” he said.

The hack uses a glass container, water, and, of course, an egg. “Get a container with a little bit of water,” explained fitness coach Sean who shares videos on his account @seanbarkerfit.

“You want glass preferably because it’s hard and will break up the shell.

“Give it a shake. Shake things around there you go. Open up your container and remove your egg. It’s perfectly peeled. This is a great, healthy hack for hard-boiled eggs.”



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