Man charged with forgery, ID theft

Trent J. Simon, 27, was arrested June 10 on charges of forgery. Simon was contacted by members of the police department’s Street Crimes Unit during a burglary investigation on North Lake Havasu Avenue, for which Simon was considered to be a suspect.

Upon contact with police during a traffic stop, Simon allegedly offered a valid ID card under a different name, and verbally introduced himself to officers under a false name. Officers allegedly cited Simon, who signed the citation under the same false name.

Officers say they contacted the owner of Simon’s stolen identity, and determined that the victim of Simon’s impersonation was a former friend of Simon’s girlfriend. The victim did not suspect Simon’s girlfriend when his identification, including driver’s license, birth certificate and social security card went missing.

When the victim learned that his identity had been stolen, he suspected Simon, according to the police report, but did not contact police because he believed the department would be unable to help.

Simon has been charged with forgery and taking the identity of another.


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