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Kingpin Krishanu Acharyya was caught by the Chandiragh police after his dating scam got exposed. The man is accused of duping people of money by engaging them in conversations and schemes. 

Inspector Ranjeet Singh, SHO Cyber Cell police station, said, “We seized a bulk SMS machine at Acharyya’s call centre costing Rs 1.5 lakh. It has the capacity to simultaneously send messages to 512 people. After trapping gullible victims, Acharyya would destroy the SIM cards used for sending the messages.”

The Rise Of Dating Scams

Speaking in support of women worker, she said,”Krishannu Acharyya had employed six women to engage individuals in seductive conversations. He paid the women monthly salaries and incentives. These women would demand money from the customers and make them deposit the same into three accounts belonging to Acharyya.”

Acharyya, a B-tech student in Computer Science, was penalised for cheating an old man. He duped with  

The investigation into the case began, and it was released that he had downloaded dating apps. He had paid in advance for potential customers and was asked some girls to deposit money. 

The man used the bulk message to people, and once people received it, they have to to call back for further process. The FIR revealed that Achrayya had downloaded three dating apps/ He earned 16.5 lakh by asking women to deposit their money in different accounts. 

Earlier, in 2020, a man was arrested for duping a man in Mumbai but was released later. 

Before Acharyya, his associate Dattaterya Kundu was arrested from West Bengal last week. Kundu’s interrogation led police to Acharyya. Kundu was sent to judicial custody and Acharyya is currently being interrogated,” a police officer said.

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