Man On Sex Offender Registry Charged After Guiding 12-Year-Old Girl Through Gunbarrel Restaurant, Kissing Her | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Charles Cabrera

A 63-year-old man on the sex offender registry is facing charges after police said he put his hand on a 12-year-old girl’s back and guided her through a Gunbarrel Road restaurant. He kissed the girl on the forehead before leaving, it was stated.

Charles Clayton Cabrera was charged with solicitation of a minor and violation of the Sex Offender Registry.

In the incident on Monday, police were advised that the girl was having a panic attack after the encounter.

Officers were told that an elderly white male wearing a t-shirt with a teddy bear on it came into Mission BBQ. He asked for a free meal and was declined.

He then put his hand on the small of the girl’s back while guiding her some 20 feet from the counter to the front of the restaurant, a report says.

Police said the man then told the girl to come to the In Town Suites on Gunbarrel Road and he would be in room 122. He then kissed her.

Officers found Cabrera at room 122.




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