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Ever wondered what to do if a hacker gets into your laptop apart from panic and scream?

Well, first of all, probably don’t start running around going mad – maybe listen to this lad.

As anyone who has previously been a victim might know, hackers can even gain access to your webcam. I bet that’s made you paranoid right?

Let’s not lie, the idea of having your laptop hacked and all its contents exposed – no matter how secret it is – is pretty scary.

But Matt has shown how to remove the culprits from both laptops and Macs, so don’t start throwing yours away just yet.

So, for regular laptop users, he recommends instantly turning off your internet if you think you’re being hacked as it ‘should disconnect them and give you some time to figure out what’s going on’.

He advises immediately turning off the internet. Credit: @mattlinkert_/tiktok

Then, he says if you have a virus scanner installed that works offline, to run it.

If not, get your PC into ‘safe mode with networking’ by going into start, then ‘update & security’ and into ‘recovery’.

You then want to click ‘restart now’ under ‘advanced startup’.

If you get this right, it should show a list of options including ‘troubleshoot’, you want to click on that and open ‘advanced options’.

Then, ‘startup settings’ and again click ‘restart’. By clicking number five, you’ll enter ‘safe mode with networking’.

Matt says you should then be able to reconnect to the internet and install a virus software to really be rid of a hacker.

If you have a Mac, the process also starts with disconnecting the internet and again running a virus scanner if you’ve got one.

If not, you’ll again need to ‘boot into safe mode’.

First, he says to shut down the MacBook then ‘hold power button, let go, then hold shift key’ until the Apple logo pops up.

It should then be in ‘safe boot’ and likely will ‘look awful’. The mac should then only be running the absolute basics and you can reconnect to the internet and download a virus scanner.

Matt also advises checking your homepage settings ‘isn’t anything weird’ and that the login settings for your laptop are all normal.

Generally, his main tip is making sure you’ve got a trusty virus scanner installed to keep hackers away.


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