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  • Man records video from hospital bed taunting gang who hacked off his leg
  • Victim, 28, was attacked with his girlfriend at his home in Glasgow 

A man has recorded a video from hospital taunting the gang that chopped his leg off in a machete attack.

The man and his girlfriend were both attacked at their home in Glasgow at 2.30am on May 17 by a gang from North West England.

The attack left the man, 28, needing to have his right leg amputated and some of his fingers sewn back on.

But in a new video posted on an account under the name ‘Strictly Criminal’, the victim hit back at his attackers, dancing around the hospital ward and branding them ‘f***ing dafties’. 

During the clip, he jibed: ‘Take the fingers, take the leg but you won’t take my life, ya bunch of f***ing dafties.’ 

A man taunted the gang who attacked him and his girlfriend in a video from his hospital bed, calling his assailants ‘f***ing dafties’
The attack left the victim needing his right leg amputated and his fingers sewn back on
His girlfriend lost two fingers while she was calling the police

A woman’s laugh was also audible on the video.

His girlfriend, who has since split with the man, said she was focusing on her time on her kids, and called the ordeal a ‘traumatic experience’, Manchester Evening News reported.

She said: ‘It’s a horrendous thing that happened to me and it’s difficult to talk about.

‘I’m just trying to move forward with my life and recover from all of this. It has been a traumatic experience.

‘I’m trying to focus on me and the kids at the moment. My partner and I have now gone our separate ways. I’m not in touch with him any more.

‘I can’t tell you why we were attacked.’

Neighbours of the Glaswegians said they were shocked at the severity of the attack last month.

Neighbours of the victims were shocked at the severity of the attack (pictured: The street in Lanarkshire where the attack happened)

They added that the male victim had been released from jail the day before the attack, and that the woman was in the midst of calling the police when she too lost her fingers.

One said: ‘It sounds as though the man is lucky to be alive. It seems he was in a life-threatening condition at one stage.

‘We have had the police to our doors asking if we saw or heard anything. It happened when most people were in their beds.’

Images of the man show him in a hospital bed with his arms and hands covered in bandages, his left leg bandaged in a brace and his right leg amputated above the knee.

An image of the woman shows a bandage covering her left arm and the hand where her two fingers were amputated. 

Detectives are thought to be trying to track the movements of the individuals involved in the crime.

Police enquiries are ongoing and no arrests have been made.


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