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Tom Singleton reports via the BBC: A man got so fed up with foxes and badgers fouling in his garden that he adapted cameras to help repel them. James Milward linked the Ring cameras at his Surrey home to a device that emits high frequency sounds. He then trained the system using hundreds of images of the nocturnal nuisances so it learned to trigger the noise when it spotted them. Mr Milward said it “sounds crazy” but the gadget he called the Furbinator 3000 has kept his garden clean.

Getting the camera system to understand what it was looking at was not straightforward though. “At first it recognised the badger as an umbrella,” he said. “I did some fine tuning and it came out as a sink, or a bear if I was lucky. Pretty much a spectacular failure.” He fed in pictures of the animals through an artificial intelligence process called machine learning and finally, the device worked. The camera spotted a badger, and the high frequency sound went off to send the unwanted night-time visitor on its way and leave the garden clean for Mr Milward’s children to play in. The code for the Furbinator 3000 is open source, with detailed instructions available in Milward’s Medium post.

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