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RACINE —A man wanted on a felony warrant from the Department of Corrections was apprehended Thursday after a vehicle and foot pursuit through the city.

In his attempt to get away from law enforcement, he jumped out of his car and fled on foot – leaving his two children behind in the car.

Jordan D. Laycock-Barber, 30, was ultimately apprehended and charged with:

  • Fleeing/eluding
  • Three counts of second-degree recklessly endangering safety
  • Resisting arrest
  • Making threats to law enforcement
  • Seven counts of felony bail-jumping
  • Misdemeanor possession of marijuana
Jordan Laycock-Barber, felony warrant
Jordan D. Laycock-Barber – Credit: Racine County Jail

Task force goes looking for suspect with outstanding warrant

According to a press release from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, deputies assigned to the Sheriff’s Violent Crime Task Force (VCTF) were in Racine on Thursday looking for Laycock-Barber. They began the search at approximately 4 p.m.

At 4:40 p.m., Laycock-Barber was observed driving on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive by a Racine Police Department officer assigned to the task force. When the officer attempted a traffic stop, Laycock-Barber drove away fast – running five consecutive stop signs.

Deputies that were in the area joined in the pursuit, which reached speeds in excess of 70 mph. It did not appear to deputies that there was anyone else in the vehicle, according to the press release.

Laycock-Barber pulled over in the 1800 block of LaSalle Street and ran away, leaving his 4- and 7-year-old children in the car.

The suspect fled through yards, jumping fences to get away.

The task force set up a perimeter and searched the area for the suspect. They received a tip from a resident who saw the suspect run through his yard.

A team of officers from the task force and RPD searched yards in the area and ultimately found the suspect attempting to hide behind lawn furniture.

He was ordered out at gunpoint, he complied and was arrested. However, he complained of an injury and an ambulance was dispatched to the location. He also acknowledged leaving his two children behind in his car.

The children were located and officers sat with them until their mother arrived to pick them up. The two children were not in child safety seats and were only restrained with seatbelts.

According to the written statement released by the sheriff’s office, the children reported they saw their father with a gun earlier; however, investigators did not find any guns.

The press release reiterated that at no time during the pursuit were law enforcement personnel aware that children were in the vehicle.

Jordan Laycock-Barber, felony warrantJordan Laycock-Barber, felony warrant
Police locate the suspect’s children and search the car. – Credit: Racine County Sheriff’s Office

The suspect allegedly issues threats

According to the press release, Laycock-Barber lashed out at an officer he did not like, allegedly saying, “Imma spit on you” and “When I catch you, imma smoke you.”

To another officer he allegedly said, “I’m fittin to flip you.”

Reportedly, Laycock-Barber “violently ripped his arm away from the sheriff’s deputy who was escorting him and attempted to square-up on an officer” as though preparing to attack him.

Law enforcement put him back on the ground until he calmed down and was then escorted to a waiting ambulance.

According to the written statement, while at the hospital Laycock-Barber made several spontaneous statements such as “I was doing a buck 10” – slang for driving 110 mph. “You would never caught me do or die. The only reason I stopped was because of the kids in the car.”

He also reportedly told officers, “I woulda run every light.”

Once medically cleared, the suspect was taken to the Racine County Jail and booked.

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling praised the efforts of the Sheriff’s VCTF.

“Each member showed dedication, professionalism, and commitment to the performance of their duties, which led to the apprehension of this dangerous menace,” he said. “I am (sickened) that this selfish thug would place his young children, who were not properly restrained, in serious danger during a pursuit and then abandon the children in an attempt to beat a warrant.”

Defendant’s probation revoked following 2020 arrest

Laycock-Barber has a jury trial scheduled for December for a 2020 arrest. In that case, he is charged with:

  • Possession of a firearm by a felon
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Resisting an officer causing substantial bodily harm
  • Battery/threat to law enforcement

There are also two misdemeanor charges of resisting/obstructing an officer and carrying a concealed weapon.

Laycock-Barber was on probation for a previous case at the time of his 2020 arrest. His probation was revoked on Aug. 19, 2021 and the arrest warrant was issued by the Department of Corrections.

Defendant on bail hold

Laycock-Barber was in Racine County Circuit Court on Friday for an initial appearance.

The defendant was placed on a no-bail hold from the Department of Corrections.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 20 in Racine County Circuit Court.

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