Man With A Flip Phone Episode 1

Jeff Andrews, an idealistic man, confronts life in the 21st century. Our facebook page:, website: http://www.manwit…

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8 thoughts on “Man With A Flip Phone Episode 1

  1. mikeqschannel

    these are so great! almost like a short series on tv! you have inspired me
    to use my dad’s old motorola razr ! wooohoo for flipphones!

  2. RealtorForeclosureHelp

    Good job 🙂 Shall I call you the Unibomber… he was against technology

  3. RealtorForeclosureHelp

    It’s your buddy Ken Kulpa… you will have to check out my youtube series
    coming up soon

  4. Namaste Pratt

    my mother aka tess is on episode one and three all the series are funny and
    enjoyable 🙂

  5. Lore Funbags

    Totally true it is theoretically estimated that 80% of the world population
    texts rather than talking in person todays society could not handle making
    their own origanal creativity. Those who do however get ideas taken or

  6. Quincy Gaines

    Hi Jeff, it was awesome working with you today on episode 3!!! please keep
    me posted if you need help with future episodes as I would love to help you
    grow and develop this series. Right now I’m enjoying the previous episodes
    in the man with a flip phone series, and I have this one observation to
    share. The audio in this episode is not properly balanced. The dialogue is
    lower than the music and difficult to hear on mobile devices. Volume is all
    the way up and Your dialogue is indistinguishable.

  7. manwithaflipphone

    Foreclosure Realtor: Glad you enjoyed the show! 🙂 How did you hear about
    “Man With A Flip Phone”? Please let us know.