IT Manager US – OH – Minerva

Job Description

I. Position Purpose

The incumbent is responsible for the planning and management of all Information Technology activities including the manufacturing, quality, engineering, and process control areas. The incumbent will provide development, operational, and data acquisition services. The incumbent is also responsible for marketing of technology, providing counsel to the user community and management, and making continuous improvement.

II. Major Accountabilities

Accountability Areas Key Measurement

1. Ownership of IT assets. 1.▪ Accuracy and availability of data. ▪ Accuracy and response time of applications. ▪ Delivery rate for reports and batch jobs. ▪ Uptime for hardware and network.

2. Effectiveness of Information 2.▪ Benefits derived from IT expenditures. Technology. ▪ Impact on business and customers. ▪ Impact on manufacturing variable cost. . ▪ IT cost to sales ratio. ▪ Ability to be used by other PCC facilities. 3. Prepare the annual IT plan and budget. 3.▪ Link to business plan and strategies. Monitor progress and review variances. ▪ Management acceptance of plan. ▪ Performance to plan. ▪ Performance to budget. 4. Develop and motivate IT staff. 4.▪ Quality of IT staff. Motivate users. ▪ Cooperation and involvement of users in IT projects. 5. Communicate status, issues, and 5.▪ Accuracy and timeliness of information. opportunites with users, management, ▪ User understands status of project(s). and other applicable PCC personnel. ▪ Degree of technology sharing achieved.

6. Conduct R&D concept work as an 6.▪ Impact on business. opportuinity to develop a more ▪ Impact on IT function. innovative and competitive IT function. ▪ Quality and innovativeness of results.

III. Related Information

Major Challenges 1. Identify those opportunities which have the most positive effect on the business. 2. Make continuous improvement and help drive business improvement. 3. Build and retain a high quality IT staff with up-to-date technical skills. 4. Promote and utilize resource sharing within the company. 5. Achieve 99.9% or better uptime for network and hardware resources in a 24/7 manufacturing environment. 6. Achieve 98.0% or better delivery rate for reports and batch jobs. 7. Achieve 0.4% or better IT cost to sales ratio. 8. Achieve zero Sarbanes-Oxley IT deficiencies (cc 500 through cc 520) on self-tests and external audits, and a satisfactory rating on internal audits.

Authorities and Controls

1. Manage all events involving the IT function. 2. Manage the IT budget. 3. Determine feasibility of requested projects relative to user demand and business goals. 4. Organize IT staff as appropriate to provide benefit in the most cost-effective manner. 5. Ensure compliance with company policies and standards.

Requirements for Position 1. In-depth experience in IT management. 2. A bachelor’s degree or better. An engineering degree is preferred. 3. Extensive business experience, preferably in a manufacturing environment. 4. High level of interpersonal and communication skills. 5. A “Find a way to make it happen” type approach and attitude. 6. Capability to develop and maintain a broad organization perspective. 7. Inclination and motivation to work collaboratively. 8. Highly motivated and results oriented. 9. An aggressive approach to problem solving.

Precision Castparts Corp. is an equal opportunity employer committed to recruit, hire, train, and promote in all job categories without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or other status protected by applicable law.


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