Mangaluru: NABARD with CyberSapiens hosts session on ‘Cyber Crime and Internet Safety’ | #cybercrime | #infosec

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Mangaluru, Sep 29: NABARD successfully hosted a highly impactful session on ‘Cyber Crime and Internet Safety’ in collaboration with CyberSapiens on September 26, targeting bank employees. The session garnered substantial interest, drawing in over 26 dedicated bank staff members, underscoring the contemporary relevance of the subject in our increasingly digital age.

The event commenced with a greetings, setting the tone for an in-depth exploration of cybercrime, with a specific focus on social engineering tactics such as phishing, smishing, and vishing. Attendees were treated to live demonstrations and real-world scenarios, providing them with invaluable insights into the strategies employed by hackers to obtain sensitive information. This interactive approach left a lasting impression on the participants and significantly enhanced their understanding of the potential risks associated with cybercrime.

In addition to shedding light on cybercriminal methodologies, the session emphasized the utmost importance of personal protective measures. Attendees were armed with essential strategies and best practices to shield themselves from cyber threats, thereby empowering them to secure their online presence and thwart unauthorized access to their personal data.

The session featured distinguished guest speakers, the renowned cybersecurity analysts Abdul Rameez and Mohammed Nawaz Sajjad from CyberSapiens. Their expertise and insights proved to be instrumental in elevating participants’ awareness of digital security and providing them with actionable tips.

In short, NABARD’s ‘Cyber Crime and Internet Safety’ session served as a significant platform for increasing awareness and imparting practical knowledge about cybercrime and personal security measures. Participants left with the necessary tools and understanding to navigate the digital landscape securely. By promoting a proactive mindset and underscoring the significance of cybersecurity, the session played a pivotal role in fostering a safer digital environment for all.





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