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Manhattan school to host active violence training | #schoolsaftey

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Emergency responders will take over a local elementary school this week for a three-day active violence training exercise.

The Riley County Police Department (RCPD), Manhattan Fire Department (MFD), Riley County EMS and other emergency partners will conduct the joint training exercise. According to a press release from RCPD, the training will focus on streamlining interagency cooperation during crisis situations.

“This type of realistic training is designed to give our officers the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to resolve a terrible situation like this,” Tim Schuck, RCPD Lieutenant and Active Violence Training Instructor said. “We train our officers for these situations so if they find themselves in the actual position, it isn’t the first time they’ve experienced it. Beyond stopping the threat, we have to be able to quickly link up with fire and EMS to get help to victims as soon as possible. This training gives everyone, from officers to EMS and fire personnel, the opportunity to work together in a stressful, realistic environment.”

The training event will take place at Amanda Arnold Elementary School from July 10-12. Signs will be posted at the school to remind the community there is no threat to the public.

“USD 383 is grateful that our community emergency response partners are willing to train in our school buildings,” Michele Jones, USD 383 Director of Communications and School Safety said. “This training benefits everyone involved and will especially benefit the students of USD 383 if a real-life situation would ever occur. We have teachers and other building staff who will be watching and participating in the training. It is important for our staff to understand how RCPD, MFD, EMS, and other emergency services coordinate and cooperate during an emergency response.”

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