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MANSFIELD — Superintendent Teresa Murphy is pleased to announce that Mansfield Public Schools was recently awarded two grants that will be used to purchase High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) and improve cybersecurity awareness. 

High-Quality Instructional Materials Implementation Grant

The High-Quality Instructional Materials Implementation Grant, awarded by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), supports districts in implementing recently purchased tier 1 core HQIM in mathematics, English language arts, science and digital literacy.

Mansfield was one of 22 districts statewide to receive the grant.

The grant will be used to cover 50% of the costs to implement the district’s new K-5 math program, Reveal Math. 

Reveal Math is a balanced core curriculum that implements both activity-based and teacher-guided instructional strategies. Every lesson provides instructional opportunities to explore and develop the math content and tailor the instruction to students’ learning needs. Lesson differentiation supports all students on their path—wherever they may be—to reinforce their understanding, build their proficiency and/or extend their thinking.

As part of the HQIM implementation program, DESE will provide Mansfield Public Schools with a consultant and an evaluator who will meet with the district regularly to ensure the successful implementation of the Reveal Math program. 

For more information about the High-Quality Instructional Materials Implementation Grant, click here. 

2024 Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Training Grant Program

The Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Training Grant Program, offered by the state Executive Office of Technology Services & Security (EOTSS) and its Office of Municipal and School Technology, supports the efforts of municipalities and school districts to improve overall cybersecurity.

Awards were announced on Thursday, Jan. 25.

According to the EOTSS, cybersecurity awareness training will help ensure employees know the latest techniques cyber criminals are using, how to identify phishing emails, and their role in keeping the organization safe from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. 

Overall, the 2024 program will provide over 78,000 employees from 227 municipalities and public school districts across the Commonwealth with critical cybersecurity training.

“Our administration is committed to partnering with our municipalities to move forward on our shared IT and cybersecurity goals,” said Governor Maura Healey. “We are thrilled to see so many cities and towns prioritize cyber readiness through the Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Training Grant Program.”

For more on the Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Training Grant Program, visit 



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