March 11 – 12, 2015-The Future Of Cyber Security

Organisations continue to invest in cyber security against a backdrop of indicators that the situation is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

Cyber attacks are also becoming more and more devastating, such as Sony’s PlayStation and even more recently Apple’s iCloud. Yet even this is a relatively small contributor to what was recently reported costing the global economy £264.73 billion.

In the UK a survey conducted on behalf of Get Safe Online (a jointly funded initiative between several government departments and private security businesses) to coincide with Get Safe Online Week has found that 51% of those surveyed experienced online crime, of whom only 32% reported the crime. 47% of victims did not even know who to report an online crime to.

Separate figures from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) estimate that Internet-enabled fraud costs the country over £670 million each year, but as so few crimes are reported, the true economic cost of cyber crime is likely to be much higher.

Although cyber security affects everyone, it is largely being seen as the responsibility of organisations to keep their employees and customers protected. Yet surveys indicate that these two audiences still have a lot to learn.

So how can you ensure that organisations invest in the right technology and education that help them to achieve their growing cyber security remit?

The leading cyber security conference for senior professionals

iMM Group is proud to host The Future of Cyber Security 2015 – a national cyber security conference that focuses exclusively on how organisations can protect themselves, customers, employees and citizens.

Capitalising on the success of previous events in the series, this one-day cyber security conference brings over 300 senior decision-makers face to face with leading cyber security specialists. Covering the strategic needs of all enterprises, the conference provides delegates with a unique opportunity to learn from the leading thought leaders in the field.

A programme with a difference

The Future of Cyber Security 2015 features a unique programme that allows delegates to choose the topics that interest them most.

Three sequential sessions in the morning will deliver top level intelligence briefings on the UK’s Cyber Security Strategy. However, rather than simply delivering a generic overview of the latest developments, these sessions will be structured in a practical way that helps delegates to enhance the cyber security strategies of their organisations.

In the afternoon, delegates will learn key strategic information on five of the hottest topics in cyber security at the moment, delivered by major organisations that are leading the thinking and development in these fields. Following these sessions, delegates have the choice of exploring one topic in greater detail at an in-depth panel session with Q&A.

Learn more about The Future of Cyber Security 2015 or register as a delegate.

Unrivalled opportunities for cyber security specialists

The associated Future of Cyber Security 2015 exhibition provides suppliers in this field with an unrivalled platform to showcase their products and services.

The exhibition will benefit from a high volume of visitors throughout the day, with the targeted nature of the conference drawing a national audience of senior decision-makers.

Learn more about The Future of Cyber Security 2015 or contact us if you would like to register as an exhibitor. As always, we extend a very warm welcome to all our colleagues who share a commitment to improving data security.