March crime report includes arrest made in identity theft

Assistant Chief Mike Reitan

To provide a comparison to the previous month, a number appearing in [brackets] will indicate the number of incidents reported in last month’s Chief’s corner.
During March, officers investigated 17 [11] cases involving the theft of property; four [2] cases of theft from a motor vehicle; and three [7] motor vehicle thefts.

There were a total of three [9] burglaries: two [2] with non-forced entry to a home; one [2] with forced entry to a business.

Detective Joe Birrenkott investigated a case of identity theft during March that extended into Alabama. The suspect assumed the name of the victim and applied for and received various forms of identification. The suspect was arrested and booked into Cass County Jail on traffic offenses using the victim’s name. The suspect used the victim’s name to open various lines of credit and made significant purchases based on the fraudulent identification. The suspect has been arrested and the property recovered.

One [0] case involving sexual assault was investigated in March. Thirteen [12] domestic violence related incidents were investigated last month. In 11 [9] of the cases, a person was charged with simple assault and in two [3] cases, a person was charged with assault.

There were seven [7] additional simple assault cases, and six [6] terrorizing cases investigated where the suspect and the victim did not have a domestic relationship. No robberies were reported to have occurred.

Detective Travis Johnson has been assigned as the domestic violence investigator. In his new capacity, Johnson will review all cases reported to have involved an act of violence directed towards a domestic partner. Johnson will perform follow-up investigations relating to the event to include photographing injuries and obtaining statements. Johnson will also assist victims in securing support services.

Twelve [12] drivers were arrested for the offense of driving under the influence during March. Thirteen [16] cases investigated by officers resulted in a person being charged with possession of drugs and 13 [21] cases involved drug paraphernalia. Drugs that were recovered in March included marijuana, prescription medications, and methamphetamine. Also seized in March were the marijuana derivatives Shatter and Budder. Shatter and Budder are produced by bathing marijuana leaves and stems in liquid butane. The active ingredient THC is released from the plant material and is collected.

The Shatter or Budder has a THC concentration of 60 to 80 percent THC of the finished product’s volume.

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