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From Public Healthcare to Cybersecurity: The Journey of a Security Champion

A Career Shift That Made a Difference

Marcin Roth, the Senior Cybersecurity Manager at Currys, has an unusual professional trajectory. With a background in public healthcare policy, he pivoted to cybersecurity and found his foundational skills invaluable in his new domain. “The transition was surprisingly smooth,” Roth recalls. “Project management, strategic planning – these skills are crucial in both sectors.”

In 2019, Roth joined Currys as a cybersecurity program manager, tasked with elevating the company’s security maturity following a data breach. This was no small feat, considering the vast technological infrastructure of the retail giant.

The Importance of IT Hygiene in Cybersecurity

IT hygiene, according to Roth, is the bedrock of any robust cybersecurity framework. “It’s about maintaining the health and security of your hardware, software, and data by following best practices,” he explains. This includes regularly patching vulnerabilities, detecting threats, and responding to breaches swiftly.

Roth emphasizes that cybersecurity is not just an IT issue but a business concern. “Aligning cybersecurity initiatives with business priorities can be challenging, especially in a large retail organization like Currys,” he admits. However, he believes that the benefits of good IT hygiene far outweigh the costs.

Looking Forward: AI and the Professionalization of Cybersecurity

Roth is optimistic about the future of cybersecurity, particularly the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI). “AI can significantly enhance our ability to predict, prevent, and respond to cyber attacks,” he says. However, he also acknowledges the potential risks, such as AI being used maliciously to launch sophisticated attacks.

Roth is also excited about the professionalization of the cybersecurity industry. “There’s a growing recognition of the importance of cybersecurity, and this is reflected in the increasing number of certifications, training programs, and professional bodies,” he notes. He hopes that this trend will continue, making cybersecurity a more attractive and respected career choice.

As we navigate the complexities of our increasingly digital world, the insights and experiences of professionals like Marcin Roth provide invaluable guidance. His journey from public healthcare to cybersecurity serves as a reminder that foundational skills are transferable and that the importance of IT hygiene cannot be overstated in safeguarding our technological infrastructure.


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