Mario Kart Wii – CTWW races (commentated by Bean and Chadderz) – Part 10 (Custom Tracks Worldwide)

Chadderz and Bean on the webcam setup once more! So, hey guys! We did manage to come up with a solution to the Internet problems of last week, thus we have a proper set of races recorded and ready to go! This video was recorded at Chadderz’s room in Cambridge, using his computer as a TV screen/capture device and relaying the entire connection to our house just to be able to play online. The result… worked surprisingly well, actually. The hardest part was navigating using a computer screen that’s a few frames behind the action 😛 These are a selection of cherry-picked races as per usual from out on CTWW. These were all recorded on Tuesday 8th May 2012. We have some old familiar tracks returning once more, and several tracks that have not been featured in this series so far. Coupled, of course, with delightful commentary from both me and Chadderz 😛 As per usual, I sincerely hope you enjoy the video and more to come next week. I do not know at this point what format next week’s races will take; Chadderz may be a little busy for recording, so I might have to wheel on another guest or similar. Thanks for watching!

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