Mario Kart Wii – CTWW races (commentated by Bean and Chadderz) – Part 14 (Custom Tracks Worldwide)

Apologies for this video being later than expected! Chadderz’s birthday was on the 8th and there were so many things that got in the way of recording, it was slightly unbelievable. We finally got it, though, so please enjoy! Check out the CTWW show here: Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s installment of the CTWW series! For those of you who have not seen any of these videos before, these are a series of races on CTGP Revolution’s CTWW (Custom Tracks Worldwide) feature, being played and commentated by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz, the guy who successfully found all of the required information and made a program to make custom tracks on Mario Kart Wii. These races have been picked out as the best from a 1 hour 10 (or so) racing session that took place on Saturday 9th June 2012. I won a lot of races today by pure luck with Chadderz placing relatively well on a handful of tracks; and everyone in the room was good and fair, making for some really nice games. If you’re interested in learning about custom tracks if you haven’t got them already, then I have several videos on this YouTube describing how to get them, and further information can be found at the following link: The only requirement to play on the custom tracks is an SD card, assuming you have an original disc of Mario Kart Wii. Anyways, to those involved in the races, GGs to you all! And to those viewing the video, thank you very much for watching and I hope you’ll watch the

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