Mario Kart Wii – CTWW races (commentated by Bean and Chadderz) – Part 4 (Custom Tracks Worldwide)

Sorry about the delay guys, but here we are! This is a set of races taken earlier today (Saturday 24th March 2012), dual commentated live by both me and Chadderz. This selection of races is back to being cherry-picked for interesting ones, as parts 2 and 3 were definitely too long for their own good. The room was quite good with the exception of that one visit to N64 Bowser’s Castle, no glitchers or anything of the sort so it was all great fun. And I got to ramble on nonsensically with Chadderz whilst racing, which was also good fun 😛 So, please sit back and enjoy the video! More dual-commentary CTWW coming next week on Friday, and GGs to all who were in the CTWW 🙂 Thumbnail by PasqualinaWii!

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