Mario Kart Wii – CTWW races (commentated by Bean and Chadderz) – Part 5 (Custom Tracks Worldwide)

Ahahahahah! We’re back on time again with upload! So hey everyone! This is another CTWW video, commentated by both me and Chadderz. Featured here are a lot of races filled with fails, insane laughter, bad luck, and to a lesser extent, good luck. These races were all recorded earlier today, (Friday 30th March). Once again these races have been picked out deliberately to be interesting. A lot of footage has been cut out, including visits to glitched tracks and other nonsensical garbage, and several of my frontruns. By far one of my favourite parts of this set of races is the very strange “shortcut” that I take on Pipe Underworld lap 2, I must say, I wasn’t intending to do that 😛 And the 1vs1 on SM64 Whomp’s Fortress was just funny 😛 Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video! Still not convinced Chadderz to play yet, but I’ll get there, I’m sure 😉 See you all next week! Thumbnail by PasqualinaWii!

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