Mario Kart Wii – CTWW races (commentated by Bean and Chadderz) – Part 9 (Custom Tracks Worldwide)

If you wish to view the full set of races, not just a small selection, head to for a full replay! First off, apologies for lower quality than usual. Unfortunately, I have no choice about this quality; Chadderz sounds tinny because he is on Skype and the video quality is lower because of an incorrect capture card setting during recording. Anyway, this set of races is a bit different to usual! As some of you may already know, these races were done live in front of an audience of viewers around the world on my Twitch live stream. As a result, these races are from the live stream yesterday, featuring the best races in my opinion, dual commentated all the way by me and Chadderz, and a small feature from PasqualinaWii at the very end, heh-heh. We wanted to do our recording at Cambridge on Thursday but it unfortunately didn’t work out, hence we had to use this different method instead. Nevertheless, I was pleased with how it turned out! At its peak, the stream had 110 viewers at any given point. We may well do this style again because it was amazingly fun, chatting to the audience and racing with them. So this is a replay of the live stream, some of it. If we’re talking in the present tense to seemingly random people, this is why 😛 I hope you enjoy the video, and we’ll see you all next week. Quality WILL be better no matter what format the races of next week take, promise 😉

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