Mario Kart Wii – CTWW races (commentated by Bean and Dave) – Part 8 (Custom Tracks Worldwide)

The second coming of Jesus, and this time he has a delightful blonde disciple with him. Dave’s channel: So hey guys, this is a new set of CTWW races recorded on 26th April 2012! Today I have a new guest with me in the form of my good friend from University, Dave. This is his first time ever racing on the custom tracks, although he has played MKW in the past and the results are fairly amusing 😛 Chadderz has returned to Cambridge, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be appearing in future videos; he will be back next week with his usual sarcastic commentary and perculiar racing lines, so look forwards to that 😛 The races featured here are from the beginning of the 2 hours 30 minute racing session and the ending is obviously not the one we intended to use; the light levels were way too dark at the end (you can see in the video we get gradually darker and darker) and so that ending had to be skipped. Still… I think the ending I left in summarises things quite nicely 😛 Also, if you somehow managed to miss my announcement at the beginning of the video, go wish PasqualinaWii – a Happy Birthday! Thank you for watching, and see you all next week!

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