Mario Kart Wii – CTWW races! Part 3 (Custom Tracks Worldwide)

Hello everyone! Here is the latest set of CTWW races. These are a direct continuation of Part 2’s races, so these are from later on the same day. Once again this video is about 80 minutes long, and features more races than I’d care to count (I will soon, and I’ll list the timings). These races are another mixed bag, towards the end of the video my luck turns distinctly sour indeed. However, GGs to all involved 🙂 To those who I raced Thursday evening, I was recording, but I deleted all of the footage. Too many morons voting Random, and players who were trolling. And I know full well several people were voting tracks with the intent of using ultra cuts. I don’t think much to any of that, so they’ve ruined it for the rest of you who were racing quite nicely. Sorry! Maybe next time I’ll do dual live commentary with Chadderz, as he returned home just this evening. I hope you enjoy the video and see you all again next week! Thumbnail by PasqualinaWii!

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