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Mark Hamill praises a dad for his perfect Jedi parenting. Hamill is best known for his iconic role as Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy. The star would go on to reprise his role as an older, jaded Luke in the sequel trilogy. Not one to stop there, Hamill also had a surprise cameo in The Mandalorian season 2 finale.

Hamill has definitely lived up to his Luke Skywalker fame on social media, frequently interacting with fans about Star Wars. What’s particularly fun is when Hamill reveals tidbits about his time filming the iconic original trilogy. For instance, Hamill recently shared an amusing detail about part of Luke Skywalker’s costume in Star Wars: A New Hope simply being bleached out Levi’s jeans. Hamill has also posted about a Luke Skywalker meme that makes him cringe, responded to Star Wars fan theories, and jokingly asked fans to forget that infamous Luke/Leia kiss in Empire Strikes Back. 

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A video of a loving dad making his son giggle with happiness by pretending to have Jedi powers is what has most recently caught Hamill‘s attention on social media. Hamill retweeted the adorable video and added a fun little Star Wars tidbit about his own desire to keep his Jedi powers as well. Check out the video and Hamill’s fun comments below.

Hopefully, the dad in the video will see that he has been granted Luke Skywalker’s seal of approval. It’s great that Hamill continually interacts with Star Wars fans in such a nice way on social media, keeping Luke’s optimistic nature alive through positive, entertaining and frequently hilarious tweets that delight fans. One of the best parts of the original trilogy was Luke’s own complex relationship with his father, Darth Vader. After all, it was Luke’s persistent belief that there was still good in Darth Vader that ultimately saved them both, and the entire galaxy.

It was thanks to Luke that his father died redeemed as Anakin Skywalker, casting aside Darth Vader the second he saved his son from the evil Palpatine. The entire arc of Luke and Anakin’s relationship is still one of the best parts of Star Wars and always will be. After all, what’s a better Father’s Day present than bringing your dad back from the dark side and into the light once more?

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