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An online ad or article says that businesswoman Martha Stewart broke “silence on the rumors” about rapper Snoop Dogg and that she endorsed keto gummies for weight loss.

In early August 2023, an advertisement featuring businesswoman Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg was displayed online that read, “Martha Stewart Breaks the Silence On the Rumors. Martha Stewart CLAPS BACK at ‘Over-Retouched’ Comments.”

This ad was apparently one of the reasons, if not the primary reason, why Google Trends showed users had in past days been entering search queries like, “Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg dating,” and, “Are Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart married?,” among other, similar questions.

Users who clicked the ad were routed through and ended up landing on an article that was designed to resemble the Fox News website. The story claimed to be from a publication called Insider Today, but had all the appearances of being a Fox News story. It was hosted on is a scam website that has no homepage.

The article revealed nothing about Stewart, 82, and Snoop, 51, being romantically involved, dating, or married. As reported in the past, the pair have simply been friends for quite a long time.

The headline of the scam article on read, “Martha Stewart Thanks Dolly Parton For Her Sports Illustrated Figure And Millions of Americans Are Following Suit.”

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are not romantically involved or married, nor did they ever endorse keto weight loss gummies with Dolly Parton.

The story began by mentioning that Stewart had previously been chosen as one of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit cover models. This was true, as The Associated Press reported in May 2023.

However, the scam article then falsely claimed that country star Dolly Parton had recommended to Stewart a supposed weight-loss gummy product called Genesis Keto Gummies. (Other versions of the same article likely mentioned names of other obscure purported weight-loss gummies.)

Here’s the truth: As we previously reported, Parton has no involvement in keto gummies or weight loss gummy products. Stewart and Snoop also have nothing to do with them. Each celebrity’s image and likeness was being used without permission.

While Stewart has nothing to do with keto gummy products, she does own a line of CBD gummies. However, importantly, the official website for Martha Stewart CBD makes no mention of weight loss as being a benefit of consuming the gummies.

Other names misleadingly mentioned in the scam article included Christian pastor and author Rick Warren, Christian pastor T.D. Jakes, and country singer Carrie Underwood. They, too, had nothing to do with keto gummies or weight loss gummies.

Links within the scam article on led to a website where users could purportedly place orders for Genesis Keto + ACV Gummies, with “ACV” standing for apple cider vinegar. However, this product-order website also bore red flags that it was involved in the scam.

For example, the Genesis website claimed that Dr. Mehmet Oz, former political candidate and host of the “Dr. Oz” talk show, had endorsed the product. As we previously reported, Oz never endorsed any keto gummies or weight loss gummies, nor did Phil McGraw of the “Dr. Phil” talk show, another person who is frequently mentioned in such scams.

For more information on how these scams work, we recommend reading through our past coverage about CBD and keto gummy products.


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