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Marvel Star Discusses Alleged Sexual Predator’s Behavior on Set | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Photo Credit: 20th Century Studios

The X-Men films have spanned for 23-years now and Rebecca Romijn’s portrayal of Raven Darkhölme aka Mystique has been quintessential to the series over the course of four films. She not only debuted in the first major comic book movie blockbuster of the 2000’s, but she was also present for all the in-house drama between two male directors accused of sexual misconduct.

Photo Credit: 20th Century Studios

Bryan Singer (director of X-Men, X2, and X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Brett Ratner (director of X-Men: The Last Stand) were some of the infamous poster children for the #MeToo Movement. In addition, multiple X-Men alumni called out Singer and Ratner’s unprofessional behavior on set. Notable actors such as Elliot Page, Natasha Henstridge, and Olivia Munn allegedly stated that they were sexually harassed or treated brutally during production by Ratner in particular.

Photo Credit: 20th Century Studios

Romijn did not capitalize on giving her opinion at the height of the X-Men directors’ fall from grace, but she has finally divulged that she was not happy to work with Brett Ratner specifically. She is content with him being cancelled and expressed that she did not speak up early due to major issues with the two directors. She felt that once they were exposed, adding fuel to the fire would be a moot point. Romijn added that she had a negative experience working with Ratner, who would publicly throw others “under the bus.”

As for Singer, she confessed to having a much better work experience with him. Romijn professed that he is a fantastic filmmaker. It was incredible to watch him work and ultimately, it is up to the consumer to decide whether they can try to separate those two things. She admitted that there was drama on-set because Singer frequently came in unprepared, but then would direct the most spectacular sequence.

Photo Credit: 20th Century Studios

The X-Men star’s comments are not the hottest take on the controversial directors since the #metoo movement. However, the main theme of her commentary poses a thoughtful contemplation: Can artists can be separated from their art? The age of social media has made the public crave ethical accountability from celebrities. Prominent figures in the Hollywood industry being held to higher professional standards is long overdue, but it is difficult to stain their legacy when it is connected to a team of diligent and passionate filmmakers who hoped to make their mark in cinema.

Would you still watch the X-Men movies despite the reputations of its directors? Why or why not?

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