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Maryland to focus on AI and cybersecurity with new Executive order, task force | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland is modernizing.

The state plans to update its websites and digital assets.

It’s also forming framework for how to approach artificial intelligence.

“The EO(executive order) establishes a set of principles and values we will adhere to along with a governing body and an accountability plan,” said Secretary of Information Technology, Katie Savage.

The state is also working to make its websites more accessible to users who with disabilities. Making them easier to navigate.

“Making sure that as we upgrade websites and experiences that we’re leveraging the accessibility coordinator for each agency to ensure that we have non visual compliance for example that we have translation services,” said Savage.

The cost of upgrading an entire state’s digital infrastructure is expected to be high.

There wasn’t an exact number given but according to Savage it’s in the budget.

Which is important since the state is dealing with budget tightening.

“So we already have budget in place for major IT development projects across the state, what we have now with the addition of the Maryland digital service is the right talent to guide those initiatives,” said Savage.

The state is also beefing up cybersecurity.

Using the assets at the Maryland National Guard to increase safety for the state and people who use its websites.

“The state will be tapping into this unit to add personnel focused on system monitoring, incident response and vulnerability remediation efforts,” said Savage.

Governor Wes Moore said the state is getting a software update with the executive order and forming of the task force.


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