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BETHESDA, Md., March 5, 2024 – The SANS Institute, in a strategic move with the Maryland Department of Labor, announces the expansion of the SANS Cyber Workforce Academy Maryland. This initiative, supported by EARN Maryland and the SANS Institute, has been crucial in training residents for cybersecurity roles since 2018, focusing on U.S. military veterans, women, and underrepresented communities. Designed for locals earning below $80,000 annually, the program aims to kickstart careers in cybersecurity through intensive training, preparing novices to become proficient practitioners.

Empowering Maryland’s Workforce

Since its inception, the academy has granted 304 scholarships, trained numerous students, and boasts a 96% employment rate among GIAC-certified graduates. With 35 employer partners and 87% of graduates earning SANS GIAC certification, the program is pivotal in Maryland’s efforts to create a resilient cyber infrastructure and a diverse, skilled workforce. Participants receive nearly $23,000 in training and certification at no cost, acquiring essential skills in cyber defense and incident handling.

Success Stories and Program Impact

The program’s impact is evident in the success stories of its alumni. Hudson Woomer, for example, transitioned from project management and sales to a rewarding cybersecurity career, quadrupling his salary after completing the program and earning two GIAC certifications. This demonstrates the program’s ability to not only fill the skills gap but also to provide economic advancement for participants.

A Testament to Collaboration and Excellence

“The ongoing results of the SANS Cyber Workforce Academy – Maryland are a testament to the program’s excellence and our fruitful partnership with the state,” said Max Shuftan, SANS Director of Mission Programs & Partnerships. Maryland Department of Labor Secretary Portia Wu also highlighted the program’s sustained success and its role in elevating industry standards and driving forward Maryland’s cybersecurity sector. With the state’s continued investment and demand for skilled professionals, Maryland residents are encouraged to apply and contribute to the state’s cyber future.


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