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Hector Acevedo, 33, of Jamaica Plain seen in his 2021 Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board photo at left and his 2018 photo at left. (Collage of courtesy photos / SORB)

A Jamaica Plain child predator rated as most likely to reoffend did exactly that by coercing a minor to do nasty things for him online while he was on probation.

Hector Acevedo, 33, of Jamaica Plain, is listed as a “Level 3” sex offender on the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board. His face and a list of his crimes have been publicly visible in that database since February 2018 when he pleaded guilty in Suffolk Superior Court to 12 child sexual exploitation-related offenses including trafficking a person for sexual servitude, coercing a child’s sexual performance and possession of child pornography.

He was sentenced to between five and seven years in state prison to be followed by three years of probation, according to his Superior Court record, and was just released on probation when he took to TikTok searching for his next victim, the feds say.

He quickly found a 13-year-old girl from southern Ohio, according to an affidavit, and started chatting with her and manipulating her in May 2021. He was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison Wednesday for that crime.

When confronted by the FBI after his arrest in October 2021 he told them he had lost the phone associated with his interactions with the girl, did not have a TikTok account and “claimed to have never seen child pornography,” according to the affidavit filed in his federal case.

Then he changed his story, claiming that his extensive exchanges with the young girl were “just for rec(reation)” and that after getting out of jail “he was looking for someone to be with.” Then, before taking a polygraph, he wrote and signed a statement that got down to brass tacks:

“After a couple weeks,” he writes in the statement, “she told me that she was thirteen years old. About a week or two after that, when I realized that she was not interested in a relationship with me, I asked her to take naked pictures of herself and send them to me which she did,” the statement continues before going into detail about her requests, though never admitting to using TikTok.

Acevedo’s defense attorney wrote in a sentencing memo that Acevedo suffers from disabilities, mental delays and mental health issues and that “his behavior underlying these offenses was not driven by pedophilic sexual interests, but instead, motivated by his own low functioning social and interpersonal abilities.”

Federal prosecutors note in their own memo, however, that his behavior is not just predatory toward children in a sexual manner, but combines with violent ideas. In his state case in 2018, he not only solicited child pornography from a 12-year-old girl he contacted online but did so by “threatening to kill her family if she did not send nude pictures.”

Such a scary idea was also evident in the text exchanges with the Ohio victim included in the complaint. After a particularly disgusting exchange, the girl writes to him, “baby but my dad said if I get a boyfriend … he will stalk us.”

To that, Acevedo had a chilling answer: “I got something for him if he do … He better not stalk us I’ma take u somewhere he won’t find us.”

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