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Millions of Minecraft players are at risk due to a data breach. These were published on the illicit market BreachForums on March 23 by the threat actor under a hidden user account, which was only used to create a single thread of conversation.

According to the research team at Cybernews, the shared database consists of over 700 smaller documents, which appear to have been compiled from multiple previous leaks and breaches.

Some are specific to various private Minecraft servers and contain various combinations of usernames and passwords, usernames and IP addresses.

Last year, the popular gaming website was the victim of a major data breach, according to the digital attack surface analysis platform InsecureWeb. The breach, which occurred on an undisclosed date, was detected on November 8, 2023.

“The hacker responsible for the breach, known as ‘Leaked12’, targeted Minecraft databases, compromising a significant amount of sensitive information. Approximately 17.7 GB of data, including emails, were stolen during the attack“, InsecureWeb claims.

Minecraft users affected should change their passwords on compromised accounts and ensure that leaked credentials are not reused elsewhere to prevent hackers from accessing multiple accounts. Always enable two-factor authentication whenever possible.

Scammers are likely to take advantage of this data breach by sending phishing emails, text messages, or making phone calls in an attempt to steal additional personal information or deceive victims into revealing their login credentials.

Be very careful and change all your passwords now, make sure you are not one of the affected in the hacking.

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