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A network connectivity error caused Mastodon to severely undercount its users. According to founder and CEO Eugen Rochko, the decentralized social network actually has 407,814 more monthly active users than it had been reporting previously. “The adjustment also included a gain of 2.34 million registered users across an additional 727 servers that had not been counted due to the error,” reports TechCrunch. From the report: The issue was impacting the metrics reported on Mastodon’s statistics aggregator on its page, which had been undercounting users between October 2 and October 8. This issue has now been resolved, Rochko said. That leaves Mastodon with a total of 1.8 million monthly active users at present, an increase of 5% month-over-month and 10,000 servers, up 12% — a testament to Mastodon’s current upward swing at a time when the nature of X continues to remain in flux.

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