Mayor says attack on library website was ‘random’

BUNDABERG mayor Mal Forman has spoken about the hacking of the Bundaberg Regional Libraries website over the weekend.

“As you know, there was hacking of our library website,” Cr Forman said at a press conference this morning.

Cr Forman said the council’s staff had the website back under control by midnight.

“Our staff reacted very quickly and patched up the problem there,” he said.

“There’s no intervention of compromise with our data or information.”

Cr Forman did not believe Bundaberg was a planned target.

“It was a random act of approximately over 1000 attempts to hack people’s sites with a specific type of software,” he said.

“But I can reassure our residents that there was no information obtained from our website for the library.

“I’m also very confident that police are now investigating.”

Cr Forman declined comment on the hackers.

“I’d rather not about the people who did it but I can say there is no weak link,” he said.

“It’s just that the specific software that we have on our computers here was the software that this group of person was trying to hack into over a number of sites in Australia and probably the world.”

Cr Forman again reiterated that personal information and data was not breached.

“We can reassure everybody that there was no compromise of information,” he said.

“I think it was definitely random.”

UPDATE, JANUARY 12: Police are investigating after the Bundaberg library website was hacked by someone calling themselves Dr.SHA6H.

Bundaberg Regional Council did not comment on the situation this morning, but said it was being handled by police.

Numerous hacking websites feature profiles of the Syrian hacker who calls himself Dr.SHA6H.

Website Hackread lists him as an anti-Bashar Ul Assad activist  who committed a “massive cyber attack on high-profile banking infrastructure of the United States n which five official websites of US Bank Corp were hacked and defaced”. Bashar Hafez al-Assad is the president of Syria and has served as president since the year 2000.

Dr.SHA6H is labelled numberous times online as a “famous” hacker, having hacked the Mozilla Corporation in Hungary, among other worldwide targets.

The hacker generally takes over websites in the same way each time – black background, Syrian flag, links to Facebook and Twitter and a write-up condemning Bashar Ul Assad, America and Israel.

The hacker’s other targets have included Toyota, the Australian Medical Association, the Brazil 2016 Olympics and the US Department of Energy.

JANUARY 11: The Bundaberg Library Facebook page has been hacked by someone calling themselves Dr.SHA6H.