McDonalds and Fandom Replaced A Wiki Page With An Advertisement | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

An anonymous reader shares a report: Grimace, an ancient McDonalds character who — recent marketing blitz aside — may be so unknown among younger readers they will actually need to consult a website to find out who the hell he is, has for a very long time had an extensive page up over at the unofficial McDonalds Wiki. Until this week, at least, when McDonalds paid the site’s owners to temporarily replace Grimace’s biography with a paid advertisement.

Let’s be clear up front: the original biography, written by critic, writer and digital marketer Nathan Steinmetz, aka Humanstein, isn’t the most important piece of historical information on the internet. Doing exactly what it needed to do, it served as an introduction to the character himself, before also (this was the real highlight) delving into real-life matters like Malaysian Happy Meals, records of his public appearances and a list of the people who had voiced the character and worn the purple suit. Or it did, until it started looking like this instead. At time of writing the page had been completely hijacked, Nathan’s research wiped and replaced with reminders that people can go buy a Grimace meal at McDonalds and play a video game based on the character. The wiki’s changelog says the swap is temporary, running “for the length of this [advertising] campaign.” […]

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