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The MEDUSA ransomware group has struck again, this time targeting two new victims: Amoskeag Network Consulting Group LLC and Kadac Pty Ltd. The dark web portal of the ransomware group showcased these additions, adding to their growing list of victims.

However, crucial details such as the extent of the data compromised and the motive behind the ransomware attack have not been disclosed by the group.

MEDUSA Ransomware Group: Dual Target

Amoskeag Network Consulting Group LLC, based in the United States, is likely a technology consulting firm providing a range of services such as network infrastructure management, cybersecurity solutions, and IT support to businesses.

On the other hand, Kadac Pty Ltd, headquartered in Australia, might be a company involved in the distribution or retail of health and wellness products, given the nature of its operations and the Pty Ltd designation indicating a proprietary limited company.

MEDUSA ransomware group
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Kadac Cyberattack
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Despite the claims made by the ransomware group, the official websites of both companies appear to be fully functional, showing no signs of foul play. In an effort to verify the authenticity of the ransomware attack claim, The Cyber Express Team reached out to the officials of the targeted companies. Unfortunately, as of writing this report, no official response has been received, leaving the claim unverified.

This lack of confirmation raises questions about the authenticity of the ransomware claim. It remains unclear whether this is a tactic employed by the group to gain attention or if they have ulterior motives behind their actions. Only an official statement from the affected companies can shed light on the true nature of the situation.

However, if the claims made by the MEDUSA ransomware group are proven to be true, the implications could be far-reaching. The potential compromise of sensitive data by the group poses significant threats to the affected organizations.

Previous Ransomware Attacks

This is not the first time the MEDUSA ransomware group has made headlines. In January 2024, Water For People, a prominent nonprofit organization, found itself targeted by the group. With a deadline looming, the organization faced pressure to comply with the ransomware group’s demands.

In a similar incident in 2023, the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) fell victim to a cyberattack by the MEDUSA ransomware group. The group demanded hefty ransoms for the delay or deletion of compromised data, further escalating the situation.

Furthermore, a recent MEDUSA ransomware attack targeted four additional organizations across different countries, including France, Italy, and Spain. The group’s modus operandi remains consistent, with announcements made on their dark web forum accompanied by deadlines and ransom demands.

The recent addition of Amoskeag Network Consulting Group LLC and Kadac Pty Ltd to the MEDUSA ransomware group’s dark web portal underscores the ongoing threat posed by cybercriminals to organizations worldwide.

As The Cyber Express continues to monitor this developing story, it serves as a reminder of the ever-present risks associated with cyber threats and the importance of remaining vigilant in safeguarding sensitive data and infrastructure.

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