Memo to the NYU Community from Fountain Walker, Vice President for Global Campus Safety | #schoolsaftey

Throughout the day, members of our community have been expressing anxiety and concerns.

Please know that your safety and well-being are our foremost priority. We have been in contact with the NYPD.  They have conveyed that they are unaware of any threats directed towards the NYU community, and, so far, there is no specific information indicating that Washington Square Park will be a locus of activity tomorrow.

The police are on heightened alert status, with more officers deployed, and a focus on what they consider to be sensitive locations.   NYU’s Campus Safety Department is also on heightened alert.  We have increased personnel and patrols and enhanced our monitoring of conditions; that will continue.

The University does not plan to be closed tomorrow.  However, just as in any circumstance, we ask people to be guided by their common sense, good judgment, and their personal sense of security.  If members of the NYU community do not feel safe coming to work tomorrow, they should plan on working or attending classes remotely. In such cases:

  • Students should be in touch with their faculty members (to let them know they may be absent tomorrow and to make arrangements to make up the material)
  • Faculty should be in touch with their students (to let them know the class will be held remotely)
  • Employees should be in touch with their supervisors or managers

Essential employees are expected to report as normal for their regular work assignments.

We ask that faculty, supervisors, and managers demonstrate flexibility and good judgment in response.  

A reminder: where local guidance from a dean’s office or a unit head differs from this general guidance, please follow the local guidance.

Finally, we want to offer the following guidance, recommendations, and resources:

  • Be attentive to any safety messages that come from the University or that come from your unit head or school dean’s office in case there are changes in University operations.
  • Promptly report threats (whether over social media or other means) and violence to the NYPD (9-1-1) and to Campus Safety (212.998.2222)
  • Beyond physical safety, it’s important to recognize that these events may take an emotional toll. Students who are in need of support are strongly encouraged to reach out to the Wellness Exchange at (212) 443-9999; employees should reach out to NYU’s Employee Assistance Program.

We will communicate promptly if we receive additional information that affects the safety of our community or the academic or other operations of the University.

We are here for you.  Your safety is our priority.

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