Merkel Computer Hack Could Wreak Havoc For Years

The German government has come under attack from hackers. The country’s defence minister, Ursula von der Leyen, confirmed that the government has come under wide range of attacks, which include malware that was found on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s computer, says V3.

Speaking to Die Welt, von der Leyen said the German government is facing a major security challenge and the attacks could wreak enormous damage in the coming years. It intends to analyse the security work of other countries and consider an appropriate response, she added.

Tech Week Europe said the attack was so serious that remedial work could cost millions of euros and may result in computers having to be replaced or wiped.

The tech news site reported that the assault struck the internal server of the German parliament in May. Malware infected a significant number of the 20,000 computers used by politicians, support staff and civil servants on the Parlakom network, it said.

Bernhard Kaster, secretary of the Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union political bloc, told Sueddeutsche Zeitung: “This is the biggest cyber-attack on the Bund, on the German parliament.”

Most worrying are reports that the cyber attack is still ongoing and continuing to steal data.

Source: Misco

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