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Metro Technology Centers sends this information as posted below:

OKLAHOMA CITY – Metro Tech has received a $48,563 grant from the Office of Homeland Security to improve and assess its cybersecurity infrastructure. Key initiatives under this grant include internal and external penetration and phishing tests to determine vulnerabilities and reinforce the institution’s cyber resilience.

Internal penetration testing involves authorized simulated attacks on Metro Tech’s internal network infrastructure, systems, and applications. External penetration testing assesses the security of external-facing systems, such as websites and servers, by simulating real-world cyber-attacks from external sources. These assessments will allow Metro Tech’s Information Technology department to identify weaknesses and address them before cybercriminals or “bad actors” exploit them.

IT officials will also conduct phishing tests to evaluate the susceptibility of its staff to social engineering attacks. These simulations involve sending simulated phishing emails to employees to gauge their awareness and responsiveness to phishing attempts. 

Dr. Indrit Vucaj, Metro Tech Director of Technology and Data, said the grant will allow the district to identify areas of growth that they wouldn’t have been able to detect otherwise.

“Our objective remains unwavering in ensuring the safety of our networks and equipping those within our district with the right knowledge to identify bad actors,” Dr. Vucaj said. “We are deeply grateful to the Office of Homeland Security for recognizing the importance of protecting the information of our students, staff, and faculty. We look forward to utilizing the new tools this opportunity will provide.”

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