MGM Resorts ransomware recovery efforts nearly complete | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Most hotel and casino services at MGM Resorts International have already been restored after a ransomware attack that disrupted its websites, credit card machines, ATMs, slot machines, room key systems, and online reservations, SiliconAngle reports.

While MGM has still not confirmed the attack that impacted its systems, such an intrusion has been reported by VX-Underground to have been conducted by the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware operation while others have noted the ALPHV/BlackCat affiliate Scattered Spider, which also recently attacked Caesars Entertainment, was behind the compromise.

Major cybersecurity gaps at MGM have been revealed by the ransomware attack, according to National Cybersecurity Alliance Executive Director Lisa Plaggemier.

“This incident starkly emphasizes the pressing need for robust investment in cyber infrastructure, including regular security audits and thorough employee training programs, to fortify defenses and effectively combat future cyberthreats. Without such measures, the risk of extensive downtime and financial losses remains a looming threat,” said Plaggemier.

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