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The Michigan sign-stealing scandal continues to get more and more ridiculous with each passing day. News of Connor Stalions’ shenanigans as an analyst on Jim Harbaugh’s Wolverines staff first broke a little over a week ago. The can of worms has been ripped wide open, and we simply cannot believe what is inside. As if we needed another zany wrinkle in all of this, look at this message board post…

A poster known as Jimmyisgod dropped this bombshell on on Thursday evening. He alleges that the Michigan sign-stealing scandal can be traced back to Ohio State’s cloud server being hacked some 10 months ago. This opened an investigation into the Michigan program. This is right around the same time that former co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss was terminated from his post.

Michigan’s alleged sign-stealing ways can be traced back to the 2021 college football season. This came after a disastrous 2-4 campaign during the 2020 COVID season. Harbaugh was falling out of favor with the Michigan faithful. He took a massive pay cut to stay employed by his alma mater. Since the 2021 season, the Wolverines have lost a grand total of three games. They have become a beast.

With Michigan being ranked right ahead of arch rival Ohio State in the AP Top 25, this is getting juicy…

No, it was not just Big Ten schools that Michigan illegally advanced scouted against. Apparently, Stalions and others were in attendance videotaping the opposition’s sidelines during Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and Tennessee games, all teams that could have met Michigan in the playoff.

Sign stealing is one thing. Advanced scouting is another. But cybersecurity is another animal…

I don’t know if it is getting to the point of being untenable, but you have to wonder what else could possibly come out from this scandal regarding Michigan football. Even if the Big Ten or the NCAA were to expedite the legal process or whatnot in all of this, it may not be done in time to stop the Wolverines from going to Indianapolis for the Big Ten Championship or the College Football Playoff.

It is one of those things where an incredibly stubborn Harbaugh cannot play Rick Pitino dumb and say he had no idea what was going on within his program. This is a complete lack of institutional control. Weiss is already out. Stalions is cooked. We have already seen Sherrone Moore serve a one-game, self-imposed suspension over some hamburgers. Harbaugh missed three. What about Jesse Minter?

We also need to look at other notable coaches who left the Michigan program, to be quite frank. Could anything stick on the likes of Biff Poggi, Mike Macdonald or Josh Gattis? Again, we have no earthly idea. All that we know is this Michigan scandal is getting more and more ugly by the day. Sign stealing is legal, but advanced scouting is against the rules. Hacking computers is a security violation.

With all that has transpired in the last week or so, I have never been more excited to watch The Game.

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