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Microsoft Adds Autofill Support For Authenticator App | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge | #hacking | #aihp

Microsoft recently unveiled a new security feature in line with the first-anniversary celebration of the Autofill tool. 

The company’s Authenticator app receives a useful feature in creating strong passwords — something to improve the security capability within the application.

Microsoft Authenticator Brings Password Generator

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Microsoft’s Authenticator app has now added the capability to generate a password for the users.

According to a report by Beta News, the Microsoft Autofill can be used on several platforms, including an extension to the Google Chrome browser and an app on both Android and iOS smartphones.

In Microsoft Edge alone, it can be used natively. This feature is capable of syncing and storing passwords for those who want to enter their credentials right away without the need to undergo a tedious login process.

Recently, the Redmond firm has come up with the decision to bring a new update to the Authenticator app. In short, the Autofill feature is now usable for password generation. This is a needed feature to tighten the security when using a particular application.

“A year ago, we made a promise to simplify and help secure our customers’ lives, and what an amazing journey it’s been. We have been humbled by the love we have received over the past 12 months. We’re grateful to you, our customers, for trusting Microsoft Autofill to secure your passwords and other data and helping us with your feedback. We’ve heard you and made a lot of improvements along the way, and we thank you for that!”, Microsoft posted on its Windows Experience Blog.

Furthermore, the tech titan notes that Apr. 20 marks the first-year anniversary of the Autofill feature in Microsoft. Having said that, the company acknowledges its existence and points out that it’s helpful for protecting online accounts through password-generating methods.

For people who have worries that their online data might be stolen, maybe this is now the time to use the Autofill in your Authenticator app. In this way, you can now secure your information during the data filling process in a form.

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How the Autofill Works in Authenticator App

In another story written by Android Police on Thursday, Apr. 21, the Microsoft Autofill feature works once you have signed up on a new account. It can also function if you are changing a password.

After a series of steps, you will receive a notification from the Authenticator app that it can create passwords for your account. Later, it will present the possible passwords or password combinations that are suited for you.

As such, the suggestion could include a mixed lineup of special characters, numbers, letters, and more. Moreover, the overall length of your secret code can be suggested as well.

For the manual creation of a password, you can simply head to the Android app. Then, tap the + icon in the Passwords section. After that, select Generate Password.

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