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Microsoft announces AI-powered Copilot for Security offering tailored insights, faster response times, multilingual capabilities, …
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Microsoft has announced Copilot for Security, an AI-powered solution designed to enhance security operations. The features are set to rollout starting April 1 and it claims to offer tailored insights and faster response times using the company’s data and threat intelligence. Also, the tool offers multilingual capabilities, with support for 25 languages, to cater wide range of users globally.

It won’t be freeWith Copilot for security, Microsoft has introduced a “pay-as-you-go” licensing model where users can pay as per their usages, requirements and budget.

PartnershipTo make Copilot for Security widely available, Microsoft has partnered with over 100 ecosystems, including managed security service providers and independent software vendors, to promote safe and responsible AI adoption.

Microsoft has mentioned that Copilot for Security acts as a force multiplier for Microsoft’s entire Security portfolio, covering security, compliance, identity, device management and privacy across six product families and over 50 categories.

Features offered by Microsoft Copilot for Security

  • Custom promptbooks: Customers can create and save their natural language prompts for common security workflows and tasks.
  • Knowledgebase integrations (Preview): The feature allows users to Integrate Copilot with business logic to perform activities based on step-by-step guides.
  • Multi-language support: It supports prompts and responses in 8 different languages, with 25 languages supported in the interface.
  • Third-Party integrations: Supports integration with third-party services and tools.
  • External attack surface integration: it can connect to curated external attack surface data from Defender EASM for risk analysis.
  • Audit log analysis: Copilot for security can get insights from Microsoft Entra audit logs and diagnostic logs related to specific users or events.
  • Usage reporting: Dashboard insights on team usage patterns to identify optimisation

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