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Hackers often target email accounts to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.

After gaining unauthorized access, they conduct illicit activities like phishing attacks and exploit personal or corporate data for financial gain. 

Email accounts serve as a gateway to valuable data, which makes them a prime target for threat actors seeking to compromise the security and privacy of any individual or organization.

Recently, cybersecurity researchers at Microsoft discovered that a Russian-based hacker group hacked the emails of Microsoft’s senior executives.


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Compounding the problem are zero-day vulnerabilities like the MOVEit SQLi, Zimbra XSS, and 300+ such vulnerabilities that get discovered each month. Delays in fixing these vulnerabilities lead to compliance issues, these delay can be minimized with a unique feature on AppTrana that helps you to get “Zero vulnerability report” within 72 hours.

Microsoft Senior Executives’ Emails Hacked

On Jan 12, 2024, Microsoft Security prevented a nation-state attack by the Russian group “Midnight Blizzard.” Researchers are actively working to disrupt, mitigate, and block the access. 

As Microsoft affirmed, they are committed to complete transparency under the Secure Future Initiative (SFI). 

Besides this, Microsoft researchers asserted that no Microsoft flaw in products or services caused this attack, and no proof of access to customer data was identified.

In response to this event, if any action is required, then Microsoft will alert all its customers.

Due to nation-state-funded threats, Microsoft announced the Secure Future Initiative (SFI), as the old security-business risk balance is outdated.

Microsoft speeds up security measures by applying standards even if it disrupts business processes.

Adapting to a new reality may be disrupted initially, but it’s crucial. However, there are more steps to follow. 

Researchers asserted that they would investigate and act accordingly by collaborating with law enforcement. Microsoft is always committed to sharing insights for community benefit.

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