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New threats require innovative responses. Miggo, funded by a $7.5 million seed round led by YL Ventures, aims to address the rising challenge of application attacks that current security tools often miss with the introduction of a novel concept: Application Detection and Response.

Understanding ADR

Application Detection and Response is a unique approach within the cybersecurity sector, differing from existing solutions like Endpoint Detection and Response and Network Detection and Response. While traditional methods focus on monitoring endpoints or network traffic, ADR drills deeper, analyzing activities within the applications themselves. This shift is crucial given that applications are increasingly the focal points of cyberattacks.

Miggo’s ADR system works by establishing baseline behaviors for application components and monitoring for deviations. This approach allows for the detection of anomalies that could indicate potential security breaches. Miggo’s platform maps out the architecture of applications, monitoring interactions and data flows to identify unexpected activities that could signal an attack.

Comparative Analysis With Existing DR Solutions

A.J. Ledwin, a senior research scientist with ReliaQuest, recently noted, “The measurement of detection coverage involves assessing the level of visibility within your environment, including the types of attacks accurately detected and those that may go unnoticed.”

It’s those things that appear to have gone unnoticed that drove Miggo. The need for ADR arises from the limitations of traditional security tools like EDR, WAF, and CNAPP, which may not fully capture the dynamics of modern, distributed applications. These applications often involve complex interactions between components that, if manipulated by attackers, might not be detected by traditional perimeter-based tools.

I had a chance to speak with Daniel Schechter, CEO and co-founder of Miggo. He emphasized the foundational idea behind their platform: “We truly believe this approach—understanding the application from the inside out—is the right direction for the problem.”

Daniel also let me on a little secret. Miggo means “from the inside out” in Aramaic. He pointed out that while traditional tools focus on peripheral defenses, ADR provides a micro-level view that is becoming increasingly necessary.

Market Need and Miggo’s Solution

The launch of Miggo’s ADR platform responds to a growing market need highlighted by recent high-profile breaches, such as those affecting MOVEit and Microsoft SharePoint, which traditional security measures failed to prevent. These incidents illustrate the critical blind spots that exist within many current security frameworks when it comes to application behavior during runtime.

Miggo claims its ADR platform can detect threats by analyzing the interactions within applications, identifying and responding to attacks in real-time. This capability is purported to enhance the ability to contain breaches more effectively by pinpointing the exact location and nature of the attack, potentially reducing the time between detection and response.

Playing Well With Others

The effectiveness of ADR, like any cybersecurity solution, will depend on its integration with existing security protocols and its ability to adapt to new threats. The cybersecurity community will watch closely to see if ADR can consistently perform as claimed under real-world conditions.

Daniel shared a conversation with a CISO early in development of the Miggo platform. “We asked him, ‘Do you feel like you understand what your applications are doing in production?’ He told us, ‘Look, I have great application security. I have great DR. But, I know that it’s a missing blind spot for me—maybe the only true missing blind spot.’”

He then emphasized to Miggo that they must ensure that the platform they build plays nicely with all of the existing tools.

Application Detection And Response

As cybersecurity threats evolve, so too must the tools and strategies employed to combat them.

Miggo’s introduction of ADR represents a potentially transformative approach to application security. However, its long-term success and adoption will depend on empirical results and integration with comprehensive security measures.

CISOs and industry experts agree that application-layer visibility is crucial. However, they also caution against relying solely on new tools without a thorough evaluation. Only time will tell if ADR can fill the critical gaps present in current cybersecurity defenses, offering the much-needed shield against sophisticated application-level attacks.


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