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Whether you take a silver-linings perspective or you genuinely love the colder months, there are lots of things to appreciate about fall. PSLs (yes, I’m a suburban cliché, and I make no apologies). Gorgeous colors on the trees. And, of course, SWEATERS!

Because who doesn’t love a cozy sweater? 

If you’re in the sweater weather fan club but you want a little extra coverage with your cropped sweaters and leggings, TikTokker @littleredfashionhood has the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Behold: the shirt extender.

@littleredfashionhood This thing is too good! And the two pack is only $20! #amazonfind #sweaterhack #leggingshack ♬ original sound – Ali / Amazon Lover

“I’m shocked no one else is talking about this but this is, like, my best find yet,” shared TikTokker @littleredfashionhood.

Just add it to the list of things you never knew you always needed. Better yet? It’s available on Amazon for under $30.

Is it a shirt extender? A half shirt? Or maybe a shirt skirt? Who knows, but we are intrigued. 

Whatever it’s called, this little number fits around your waist and under your sweaters for those times when you want a little more coverage. 

Millennials are rejoicing over this find, and @littleredfashionhood’s TikTok video was flooded with gleeful comments. TikTokker K writes, “This is peak millennial lol. And as a millennial I approve.”

“I’m having PTSD flashbacks to 2005 when I had to wear long lace cammies to cover up my low-rise jeans,” wrote Rachel FTF.

“Cute idea but I have an emotional support cami that I can’t get rid of yet,” responded michemarche.

Of course, you can always rock those leggings and short sweaters without the extra coverage. Who says you have to cover up your derriere? You do you. 

If you do want the extra coverage (raises hand!), this is the perfect solution – especially if you might be a teensy bit perimenopausal and get sweaty with multiple layers (just me?). 

Even if you aren’t ready to get rid of your long camis just yet, you might want to add this “sweater hack” to your collection. Amazon shopping expert @littleredfashionhood calls it her “best find yet.”


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