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Twitter’s Cybersecurity Breach

Twitter’s Cybersecurity Breach: Email addresses of over 200M users have been exposed hackers

Twitter’s Cybersecurity Breach: In a major cybersecurity breach, email addresses of over 200 million users have been exposed on an online hacker forum in what is shaping to be one of the biggest data leaks yet recorded, according to a cyber intelligence company. On December 24, 2021, security researcher Alon Gal announced that hackers had obtained the email addresses of more than 200 million Twitter users and posted them on a hacking forum online.

The data dump contains users’ names, e-mail addresses, screen names, number of followers and the dates of the creation of their accounts, as well as some phone numbers, Israel-based Hudson Rock said on Wednesday.

The exposure of the unique records will “unfortunately lead to a lot of hacking, targeted phishing and doxxing”, it said in a tweet. Doxxing is the act of revealing actual information of an individual or organization online.

“Twitter or Elon Musk if you are reading this you are already risking a GDPR fine for a 5.4 mn breach, imagine the fine of 400m users breach source,” the hacker says in his post. Purchase this data exclusively if you want to avoid having to pay the $276 million USD in fines that Facebook received for violating the GDPR (533 million users were scrapped).

“After that, I will remove this thread and will not sell this info again,” the hacker says, indicating that he is open to the “Deal” going through a middleman. And data won’t be sold to anyone else, which will stop a lot of celebrities and politicians from engaging in Phishing, Crypto scams, Sim swapping, Doxxing, and other activities that would undermine user confidence in you as a company and halt your current growth and hype.

Ryushi went on to say that the data breach would exacerbate an already “sensitive time” for content creators on Twitter and that if Musk was unsure about what to do he should “run a poll on Twitter like usual and people will choose their fate”, a reference to the fact Musk has allegedly used Twitter polls to influence business decisions.

The hacker also blamed Twitter directly for that hack, saying “at the end of the day it’s the company’s fault this data was breached”.


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